Gotham3 Protocol


“Being hacked is a 100% universal phenomenon, no exceptions!”
——@evilcos(founder of SlowMist)《Blockchain Dark Forest Selfguard Handbook》
Web2 users enter Web3 in addition to having a higher threshold for wallet use, there is also a great risk of being hacked. In order to allow Web2 users to better enter Web3, and to protect the website access security of current Web3 users, we have developed a dangerous website reminder plug-in called BatShield, hoping to solve the risk that users may be hacked directly from the entry.
However, traditional security plug-in providers are faced with huge website database maintenance costs, as well as the consensus side controversy caused by subjective judgment. And our plug-in BatSheild will be based on an on-chain protocol called Gotham3 Protocol, which is committed to incentivizing everyone to participate in the marking of dangerous websites, so as to reduce the maintenance cost of dangerous website libraries and the problem of centralized consensus criticism. The data of these dangerous websites will be stored on the Scroll chain, and the BatShield plug-in will also synchronize the information on the chain in real time, solve the problem that the information of dangerous websites is not shared, and give the most timely reminder when users visit these dangerous websites.
Our vision is to improve the current phenomenon of dense dangerous websites and rampant phishing incidents through the cooperation of the Web3 public, so that Web3 users will no longer be afraid when exploring the blockchain world, and Web2 users can join the Web3 world with less fear!
Web3 is a dark forest like Gotham city, Gotham3 Protocol aims to build the first Web3 security defense line. Built by community, for the community. Let's suit up!
Gotham3 website: https://www.gotham3.io/
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